Our solutions are a mix of software, training, consult and other support to make you successful in the shortest time. Quite often we collaborate in a first project, in which we investigate how Rhino has to be implemented. After that we transfer the knowledge to our client.

A beautiful example of an integral solution for Den Breejen Shipyard is explained in this blog article.

Rhinocentre training

Finding a solution is straightforward. First we find out what your desired goal is with Rhino. Then we investigate what software, 2D or 3D data and Rhino knowledge is already available in your organization. After that we develop a path to get you to success with Rhino. On this path we recommend software plus extra services like training, project support etc.

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Dockwise transport of Costa Concordia 3D print

Delivery to Dockwise of 3D prints of Vanguard and Costa Concordia.

RhinoCentre training facts

  • Trainees rate our training with a 9 out of 10, on average
  • More than 500 people received training since 2006
  • More than 120 trainings were offered all over the world
  • RhinoCentre is an authorized training center by McNeel & Associates
  • We develop our own training courses and also offer standard McNeel training
  • Maximum of eight trainees in a training class
  • Use our training laptop for free
  • Trainees receive a certificate after completion of the training