Online Project Support 16 hours

Online Project Support 16 hours

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Our concern is that you become productive after the training as fast as possible. Project support for your business means that you can hire us to set up a hull definition for your type of ship hull whether it is a new design or a reverse engineering of an existing hull shape from a lines plan for example. The idea is that you then have a solid basis for further modeling and fairing.

  • Find us on Skype and search for: RhinoCentre.
  • Your RhinoCentre support person will contact you for an invitation for a first Skype meeting.
  • On an appropiate date and time for you, we’ll have the first meeting.
  • In the first meeting, you’ll meet us and you can show us what you need from us.
  • Send us your files and we take a look. It might be a new project or a reverse engineering job. Files can be:
    • Your current Rhino hull project.
    • A new project from a linesplan PDF or an AutoCAD linesplan for example.
  • After investigating your files, we’ll propose a strategy for a new hull definition in a Skype meeting.
  • When you agree on our solution, we’ll start working on it.


  • Spend your hours only when you need us.
  • We keep track on the hours and notify you when you reached your limit.
  • RhinoCentre offers these 16 hours of support for a special rate of €70 /hour (Excl. BTW/ VAT).
  • When we need more hours, our rate is €140/hour.
  • Support hours have to be spend within twelve months after purchasing the training.
  • This support is only sold in combination with:
    • Training Hull Design and Fairing Level-1
    • Training Hull Design and Fairing Level-2
    • Training Hull Design and Fairing Level-1&2
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