Online Feedback Support 8 hours

Online Feedback Support 8 hours

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Most challenging is to apply the learned lessons in your daily practice. We support you with your hull design and fairing job after your training.

This is really practical in becoming more professional in finding an elegant hull definition, finding a clever strategy and creating a fair hull. We developed this service as we found out that most trainees have difficulties integrating the training to its full extend.

  • Find us on Skype and search for: RhinoCentre.
  • Your RhinoCentre support person will contact you for an invitation for a first Skype meeting.
  • On an appropiate date and time for you, we’ll have the first meeting.
  • In the first meeting, you’ll meet us and you can show us what you need from us.
  • Send us your files and we take a look, make suggestions and get you rolling again. Files can be:
    • Your current Rhino hull project.
    • A new project from a linesplan PDF or an AutoCAD linesplan for example.
  • Also we can start you up with a new hull definition or a reverse engineering job.
  • From then on, you can always contact us for more support.
  • Spend your hours only when you need us.
  • We keep track on the hours and notify you when you reached your limit.
  • RhinoCentre offers these 8 hours of support for a special rate of €70 /hour (Excl. BTW/ VAT).
  • When we need more hours, our rate is €140/hour.
  • Support hours have to be spend within twelve months after purchasing the training.
  • This support is only sold in combination with:
    • Training Hull Design and Fairing Level-1
    • Training Hull Design and Fairing Level-2
    • Training Hull Design and Fairing Level-1&2
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