Create a ship, yacht or offshore installation

Rhino software is now a standard in the maritime industry for 3D design, engineering and fabrication of any floating object whether it is a ship, yacht,boat or offshore installation.

Because Rhino is affordable, it is used together with dedicated engineering software like Napa, Ship Constructor, Nupas etc. Also we see that every company uses Rhino differently. Some only do conceptual design, others perform very specific engineering jobs for example.

In the Netherlands, Rhino is used in most ship yards, design and engineering offices and suppliers to the marine industry. Rhino is also used more and more for designing operations in the offshore industry and to design 3D deck layouts of heavy lift vessels.

For ship and yacht design, our philosophy is that Rhino is the best tool for integrated 3D concept design of the hull, superstructure, interior, concept structure and installations.

RhinoCentre is an authority in the marine industry, as founder Gerard Petersen is a naval architect using Rhino extensively in projects since 2001. He is leading worldwide in the marine industry when it comes to the application of Rhino. Our knowledge is shared with training, consultancy and projects.

RhinoCentre knowledge is also shared for free at the blog.

 Some examples of RhinoCentre clients

RhinoCentre training facts

  • Trainees rate our training with a 9 out of 10, on average
  • More than 500 people received training since 2006
  • More than 120 trainings were offered all over the world
  • RhinoCentre is an authorized training center by McNeel & Associates
  • We develop our own training courses and also offer standard McNeel training
  • Maximum of eight trainees in a training class
  • Use our training laptop for free
  • Trainees receive a certificate after completion of the training